Spinners/Knock Ons

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go here Known as spinners, knock-ons or caps they secure the wheel in place and enhance the vehicle’s appearance. Machined from a brass billet and chrome plated.

4596491bfbb74e499fbf07ac9afe4252  Our comprehensive range of plain and logo 42mm and 52mm fitment spinners include 2 eared, 3 eared, octagonal and continent spinners. Logo Marques include Daimler, Jaguar, MG and Triumph.

go here No: 200-280/280B    Available in Fine or Coarse Thread     A$63.95 each

Plain Knock Off – 2 eared – 42ml Hub

No: 011-880C/881C     A$105.95 each

Plain Knock Off – 2 eared – 52ml Hub

No: 011-880E/881E     A$355.30 each

Plain Knock Off – 3 eared – 52ml Hub

No: 462-730/740     A$74.80 each

Octgon Knock Off

No: 011-880A/881A A$79.80 each

Daimler Knock Off – 2 eared

No: 011-880/881     A$73.00 each

Jaguar Knock Off – 2 eared

No: 011-880D/881D     A$417.90 each

Jaguar Knock Off – 3 eared

No: 011880B/881B     A$79.80 each

Jaguar Knock Off – Continental

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