Minator Alloy Wheels

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Made in England. The Minator wheels are manufactured to high standards adhering to controlled processes throughout the factory, including cad / cam, low pressure die casting, x-ray testing and computer controlled machinery and paint finishing. Minator Wheels are ‘Low pressure’ die cast, in high grade aluminium alloy, machined on the latest CNC equipment, 100% pressure tested, and finally powder coated for maximum protection against the elements.

 We have a wide range of bolt-on and knock-on alloy road wheels to suit a wide range of Classic Cars.

 MINATOR Bolt-on wheels are available from 12” to 15” in a variety of bolt patterns. Rim size:15.5×15″,8 Spokes, Bolt on fitment, Rim insert:15mm, Silver painted.

MINATOR  Knock-off wheels are available in 13”, 14” and 15” in either 42 or 52 spline configurations.Rim size:5.5×15″, 42mm Centre lock type, 8 Spokes, Silver painted, Rim insert: 24mm, Wheel weight: 10.2kg, Max wheel load:400kg.

go  The MINATOR Wheel has long been popular with the owners of British Classic Sports Cars.


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