DMD 6cyl Aluminium Cylinder Heads


PRICE: AU$6,800.00 +gst

DMD supply high performance Alloy Cylinder Heads to suit Austin Healey 6 cylinder engines.

These cylinder heads are not original reproductions, but designed and deveolped to extract maximum performance for the Austin Healey engine.

The cylinder heads are supplied assembled with valves, (double) springs and removable thermostat housing.

The DMD design features inlet ports at 20mm higher than the original, and 5 degree angled wedge combustion chambers are machine matched.

The optional valve and mean port diameters are produced using three seperate head castings so that material thickness is maintained.

Head Material – AC601 heat treated to T6

Valve Material – Stainless Steel Tuftrided

Valve Seat Inserts – Weld Tight Suitable For Unleaded Fuels

Inlet Valve Size Options – 45mm, 46mm or 47mm

Inlet Port Mean Diameter – 35mm, 36.5mm 0r 38mm

Exhaust Valves – 38mm Stainless Steel Tuftrided

Spark Plug Angle – 30 degrees

Valve Guides – Phosphor Bronze